LIRESCA is an old nineteenth century farmhouse that belonged to our grandparents Lina and Juan. We have restored it preserving the charm of the Galician villages in order to provide accommodation and kitchen service.

Our house is located in Lires, in the heart of the Coast of Death.

The Pilgrim Route of the Camino de Santiago that leads from Fisterra to Muxía goes right past our front door. Other hiking and biking trails, such as the Route or the Path of the Lighthouses, also pass right by our hotel.

Surrounded by the most rugged nature, Lires features forests, a beach, two coves, two little rivers and the smallest estuary in Galicia. From LIRESCA you will enjoy excellent views of all this landscape.

We have restored the house putting all our feeling in it and trying to preserve the harmony with the surrounding environment. LIRESCA is born impregnated with sea salt and the aroma of the earth.

In the building process we have used all the original stonework of the house and recycled wood from mussel rafts, which was used to create ventilated facades that improve the energy efficiency and the acoustic performance of the building.

The conjunction between the ancestral and the modern make our house a differentiating element in the architecture of the Coast of Death. At the same time, it is endowed with maximum quality and comfort to make your stay as welcoming as possible.

In LIRESCA we offer:

  • KITCHEN SERVICE: where you can taste the most traditional and authentic cuisine of the Coast of Death, with a special role for seafood.
  • SOCIAL HALL "Liresca Space": where you can soak up the culture and customs of the Coast of Death. Featuring exhibitions, cultural events and a literary library. We will also inform you and organize tourist activities.
  • WOODEN TERRACE WITH PÉRGOLA AND LANDSCAPED AREA: where you can relax and enjoy all our services.




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