On the beach of Lires, in the coldest months of winter, you can fish for a curious small bodied fish (maximum 35 cm), elongated, pointed head and blue-green in colour. It answers to the name of "lubión",  although in other locations it is known as "lanzón, pipión or pixilin".

Although its fishing is not usually done for sport, but rather for bait, in Lires it is tradition to fry them in oil and then savour them at the table. The smallest specimens are eaten whole with spine and head.

The lubión lives in sandy bottoms up to a maximum depth of 100 m, being hardly visible because during the day it hides in the sand. It feeds on plankton, larvae, fish and crustaceans. At the same time, it serves as food for other larger fish, as is the case of the tasty sea bass that can also be caught at the beach of Lires.

Although in other littorals its capture is done throught a type of seine fishing known as "chinchorro", in Lires  it is captured with a long dull sickle, which is introduced into the sand raising the lubión with great skill while it is picked up by hand. However, nowadays the most experienced fishermen of Lires have developed an ingenious system that allows them to catch the lubión without having to grab it with their hands, thus preventing the lubión from escaping from the edge of the sickle.

WHAT TO DO:  Go sport fishing on the beach of Lires. If you need a break you will be very welcome if you decide to visit our house near the beach: LiresCa.


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